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Bicycle as an alternative transport: Six advantages

In recent years, the movements in favor of the bicycle as alternative transportation to automobiles have gained strength, and more and more fans. In large cities, it is common to see people using their bike just before business hours to get to work. It is also increasingly common for companies to provide a suitable structure so that the cyclist can change his clothes and, if he wants to, take a bath after pedaling, strongly encouraging the use of the bicycle as an alternative transportation.


It is no wonder that the use of the bicycle as a means of transportation is increasingly popular, as there are reasons to justify a good pedaling to reach the commitments. Check out six advantages in using the bicycle as an alternative transport that we separate:

Financial economy

There is no doubt that a bicycle is much cheaper than a car. The product itself is already extremely cheap compared to a low-cost car, but the savings are not limited to the object: The economy continues afterwards, due to the lack of fuel, with the non existence of the IPVA, without the expensive overhauls to keep the guarantee current, as well as without the possibility of a series of unforeseen events that are typical of the car and make it expensive to maintain of time.

Ecology and pollution

If you are a person concerned about ecology, this is an important advantage. After being manufactured, a bicycle practically does not generate pollution when in use, unlike automobiles – that consume fuel.


In addition, the amount of materials needed to produce a bicycle is much lower than those needed to produce a car, which makes it less draining to the planet’s natural resources still in production.


A one-hour pedal at regular speed can spend up to 500 calories, and activate a number of physical structures that create pleasure and well-being for the rider. For those who say they do not have time to exercise, the bike can be the ultimate solution! It is common for people to switch their cars on the bike to and from work to lose 5 to 10 pounds during the first year of the change, caused by this change of habits.

Alternative bicycle makes your car cheaper

It’s true: a bike is not always practical. It can be difficult to make big groceries at the grocery store, go out on rainy days, and make really long distances. If your activities require a car constantly, the bicycle as an alternative transportation is still an excellent option. Using it whenever it is possible to leave the car in the garage makes the expenses of your vehicle lower, both with fuel and with maintenance. Also, think on a large scale: if everyone used the bicycle as an alternative transport, leaving the car for the necessary moments, the demand for fuel would fall in order to make it cheaper.

Easy Parking

If you need to park your car near destinations that do not have their own parking lot, you must have nightmares with the need to find a parking spot, or – worse still – with the costs of paying for parking daily. With a bicycle, it’s simple. If the destination does not have an appropriate place to store it, just find a point where you can lock it with the current a few meters from your final destination, and take it back, without having to pay anything to anyone.

Simple and inexpensive maintenance

Schedule the twenty thousand mile review? Bother the dealership with that weird beat that seems to come from the bumper? If you use the bicycle as an alternative transport, these headaches will not exist in the new vehicle. Obviously, it is necessary to maintain the bike, but it can be done at home, with a little technical knowledge or significantly lower values ​​in specialized stores. If you need to protect your bicycle from the enviroment and weather check this re-view of the best bike rack covers



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